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Williamsburg Technical College Foundation

Williamsburg Technical College Foundation

Begun in 1995, the Williamsburg Technical College Foundation is the coordinating agent for all College fund raising. To maximize success, avoid duplication of efforts, and assure adherence to WTCF and WTC priorities and policies, all gift solicitation, proposals for gift solicitation, or fundraising events to be conducted by anyone (including faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, etc.) for the benefit of the College or any part of the College shall require the review by the Director of Development and Public Relations and final approval of the administrative council. Approval of the WTC Foundation is required prior to the acceptance of certain gifts.

In the broadest sense, the purpose of the Williamsburg Technical College Foundation is to create an awareness within the private sector of the financial needs of the College that are not met by local, state, or federal support and to implement a plan to generate financial support through private development. To fulfill these purposes, the Office of Development and Public Relations seeks methods for obtaining gift support from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, businesses, corporations, organizations, and private foundations for both annual and capital purposes.

Foundation Board of Directors members include:

Henry Poston, Chair
Hester Gadsden, Secretary
Tracy Kellahan, Treasurer

Blakely Hemingway

Missie McCutchen

Kerri Kellahan

Sam Plowden

Marc Whitfield
Dusty Cantley
Robert Cherinko
Jennifer Kellahan
Stan Williamson
W.B. Wilson

For more information on how to sponsor a scholarship for WTC students through the WTC Foundation, contact Martha Burrows at 843.355.4121 or