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Transparency Reports

Transparency Reports

Williamsburg Technical College (WTC) is pleased to present its financial data to the constituents of South Carolina as part of an ongoing effort to provide financial transparency. Accountability is the hallmark of a well-run college, and timely access to financial data is critical to accomplishing this goal.

Check Registers

WTC will post monthly check registers to this website by the tenth of the month following the month end. WTC will maintain at least one year of check data on this website going forward. Check register reports are in a searchable PDF format that includes the following data:

Identification number: check number

Check Date: check date

Transaction Amount: actual cost of the item or service provided

Vendor Name/Payee: payee (Employee, Area Commission Members, and TRIO student names are redacted and replaced with an alternative description)

Category: general description of the item purchase or service provided

Object: a more detailed description of the item purchased or service provided

Source: college funding source from which the item was purchased

All accounts payable transactions are included in these reports except wages and the related payroll tax withholding, student refunds and sales taxes paid to the Department of Revenue.


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