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Disability Statements

Disability Statements

Williamsburg Technical College is committed to providing information on the web in an accessible format and efforts are being made to assure equal accessibility to people with disabilities.  If you have difficulty accessing any information presented on this website, please contact Student Affairs 843-355-4169 or


Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Alexis W. DuBose, EdD.


(Building C) Room 141

Student Disability Services

Applying for Support Services and Accommodations

NOTICE: It is very important that all students with disabilities recognize that it is their responsibility to request services in a timely manner. Please allow 30 days if requesting taped or electronic text and 30 days to schedule sign language interpreting.

New Students:

New students at Williamsburg Tech must do the following to receive services:

1. Complete an “Intake form”. These are available in the office of Student Disability

Services located in the Student Affairs Office: Building A, Room 112 and can be completed during the initial intake appointment.

2. Gather documents establishing the existence of a disability.

Returning Students:

3. Make an appointment to see the disability services counselor. This can be done by calling the office at (843) 355-4165 or (843) 355-4162 or coming by the office in person (Student Affairs Office: Building A, Room 112). Office hours are 8:00am-5:30pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 8:00am-6:30pm on Tuesday and Friday 8:00am -1:00pm.

Returning students at WTC who have already registered with the Office of Student Disability Services should come by or call the office to arrange for accommodations as needed. Many students prefer to attend the first day of class and receive the course syllabus before requesting accommodations; however, students are welcomed to renew their accommodation form as soon

as they have registered for classes. ACCOMMODATION FORMS MUST BE RENEWED EACH SEMESTER. If you have not previously registered with the office please follow the instructions for new students.

Who is served by Student Disability Services?

Any enrolled student at Williamsburg Technical College who has a documented disability that has an impact upon the educational environment is eligible for services from Student Disability Services. Students must provide this documentation at their own cost and effort. The office reserves the right to deny services or accommodations until such time as the appropriate documentation is provided. The actual services that will be provided are determined based on the nature and severity of the disability, the course requirements in consultation with the student, the counselor, and academic faculty.

NOTE: Documentation requirements vary among colleges and institutions. If you plan to transfer be sure to contact the office at the receiving institution and get information on their documentation requirements and process for applying for services. The Office of Student Disability Services will be happy to assist you with this process.

Documentation for a Disability

Who needs documentation for a disability?

Any Williamsburg Technical College student who wants to receive accommodations must provide clear evidence of a disability.

What is documentation?

Documentation is information about the disability provided by a doctor or professional trained in the specific area of disability. Documentation can be a letter or report from an appropriate professional that states the disability and functional limitations.

Documentation Format:

• All documentation must be TYPED (NOT handwritten) on full-size letterhead and signed by the qualifying professional.

• Diagnosis written on a prescription pad or half size letterhead are NOT accepted.

• In order to guarantee your privacy, Student Disability Services does NOT accept faxed records.

• Students are encouraged to bring their documentation with them when they apply for services instead of having it mailed to the college.

When must this documentation be provided?

Documentation must be provided to the Office of Student Disability Services before the student can receive services.

Where is the documentation kept?

Documentation is kept in a separate confidential file and is never part of the student’s academic record. The student’s academic record and their disability/accommodation record are NEVER combined in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Why does Williamsburg Technical College need documentation of the disability?

The Office of Student Disability Services needs sufficient information to determine eligibility and effective accommodations for each student. Funding sources and regulatory agencies require documentation be on file.

Documentation suggested for specific disability areas

Attention Deficit Disorder

Relevant reports from the diagnosing physician or psychologist or information from current therapist stating the disability and functional limitations. DSM-IV diagnosis is helpful.

Hearing Impairment

Physician’s statement that includes diagnosis, nature of disability, severity, and functional limitations, or records from public or private school that indicate services were provided.

Visual Impairment

Physician’s statement that includes diagnosis, nature of disability, severity, and functional limitation records from public or private school that indicated that services were provided.

Psychological Disorder

Mental Health Professional’s statement that includes diagnosis, nature of disability, severity, and functional limitations (psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist). DSM-IV diagnosis is helpful.

Orthopedic Impairment

Physician’s statement that includes diagnosis, nature of disability, severity, and functional limitation may be required.

Other Health Impairment

Physician’s statement that includes diagnosis, nature of disability, severity, and functional limitation may be required.

Speech/Language Impairment

Report from a licensed speech pathologist stating the diagnosis, nature of disability, severity, and functional limitation may be required.

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Documentation must include an assessment that meets the following criteria: Your IEP is not adequate. You must have your most current Psycho-educational evaluation.

• Be administered by a qualified professional, such as:

• State licensed psychologist or professional diagnostician

• Post-secondary staff in disability service or department of special education

• School Psychologist

• Vocational Rehabilitation Division Diagnostician

To be considered Learning Disabled, the assessment must indicate the following:

• Full Scale/broad cognitive score on the Intellectual Assessment must fall in the average range or higher.

• A significant difference (-1.5 standard deviations or more) must exist between the full scale/broad cognitive score and the standard score in one or more of the achievement areas Or

• A wide scatter of scores based on age norm, either inter or intra test on the WAIS-R or WJPED-R Cognitive.

If you were served in Special Education while in the public school system (Itinerate, Resource, or Self-Contained) we will need your MOST CURRENT PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION. This is the evaluation that determined you were eligible for services in Special Education. THIS IS NOT AN IEP. Your IEP is not helpful when determining eligibility for services in post-secondary education. Your IEP will tell us WHAT you received in public school, it will not tell us WHY. Your evaluation will assist us in providing the most effective accommodations and services.

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