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You can earn college credit toward your degree by taking classes at Williamsburg Technical College while home for summer break! If you are pursuing a degree at another college or university and want to take courses at WTC during the summer, you must submit an admissions application by the deadline for summer term. You must also submit your transient (permission) approval form from your home college. You are not required to submit transcripts or take the placement test. Check the back for available courses.

Financial Aid
If you would like to be a transient student at WTC this summer, you must contact your home institution (the college that will issue your degree, diploma or certificate) to determine your eligibility for financial assistance. WTC does not award financial aid to transient students. The college only awards financial aid to people enrolled as regular students in an eligible program at WTC.

If you are eligible for financial aid from your home institution, you should check with your school to make sure payment will be made to WTC. You should also check with WTC’s Business Office by calling (843) 355-4110 to make sure they have the necessary paperwork from your school to cover fees. If the needed paperwork is not on file, WTC may require that you pay your fees before attending classes.

More Information
To learn more about the Admissions process, call (843) 355-4165.

To learn more about Financial Aid, call (843) 355-4166.