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Scholarship Successes

Scholarship Successes

Scholarship recipient moves forward more financially sound

Thanks to smart choices and grades that qualified her for the WTC Foundation General Scholarship, WTC graduate Mae Murdock of Lake City entered USC this spring nearly $14,000 to the good instead of starting out a four-year university. That amount or more could have been spent on tuition alone at a university, and that doesn’t even factor in room, board, and book costs.

As part of the WTC-USC Bridge Program designed to increase the success of transfer students once they’re enrolled at the University’s Columbia campus, Mae saved a huge chunk of change by starting her education at WTC.

“Attending Williamsburg Tech definitely taught me how to balance my school work load,” Murdock says. “I realized the importance of getting to know my instructors and talking to them about my coursework.”

Small class size and tough yet helpful instructors readied Murdock for the larger university world and gave her the necessary foundation upon which to continue her educational career. She has now entered USC with junior status and not nearly the debt that many families face when their high school graduate goes off to a university campus the first two years of their college career.

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