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Certificate – Healthcare

Semester hours required for graduation: 32

Advisors: Heather Anderson,  Dr. Elizabeth Murray, Kimberly Coles, and Madison Braddock


Advisors: Dr. Heather Anderson and Dr. Elizabeth Murray


The Healthcare certificate is 32 semesters hours. This program is designed for students interested in exploring career options in health care. Students completing the program will gain skill set allowing them to work in a number of health care related occupations. Students have the option of transitioning to other care programs. The Health Care Certificate is designed to educate and provide perspective students desiring to enter the healthcare industry a background in health care programs. Students are encouraged to explore the different opportunities by building a basic foundation in general education requirements while also taking electives specific to the area of interest. Student whom complete the program will have a skill set that will prepare them for entry in the healthcare field.


Criteria for Admission:

  1. Admitted to WTC through the admission department
  2. High school diploma/ GED/ Transcripts sent
  3. Score curriculum level with Next Generation
  4. Minimum cumulative GPA 2.0


B. Elective Courses: 8 Credit Hours

Choose Eight (8) Credit Hours from Below:

AHS 108 Nutrition (3-0-3) AHS 126 Health Calculations (1-0-1) AHS 160 Introductions to Health (1-0-1) AHS 205 Ethics & Law for Allied Health Professionals (3-0-3) BIO 211 Anatomy & Physiology II (3-3-4) BIO 225 Microbiology (3-3-4)


All courses in this program require a C or better for completion


The Admission Review Committee has final authority in determining admission to all nursing programs.

Tuition and book costs reflect the projected cost of the complete program.

Graduation times may vary according to course availability and/or individual course load. Consult faculty advisor.