AAS – Nursing (ADN)

Semester hours required for graduation: 68

Advisors: Heather Anderson, Rebecca Perales and Dr. Elizabeth Murray


The ADN program requires 68 credit hours that can be completed in just five consecutive semesters. This program combines nursing, science, and general education courses. Students receive classroom instruction, laboratory practice in our state-of-the-art Simulation Lab, and various clinical settings. The ADN program teaches students to provide direct patient care that is safe and effective. Upon graduation, students are eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN examination to become a Registered Nurse.




The Admission Review Committee has final authority in determining admission to all nursing programs.


Criminal Record Check: All direct caregivers must obtain a criminal record check as designated by clinical agencies. Persons convicted of or pled no contest to, including, but not limited to child or adult abuse, sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon, neglect, or mistreatment or misappropriation of property, are not permitted to work as direct caregivers. More stringent requirements are often enforced by individual clinical agencies. Students who have convictions as described above will not be allowed to attend clinical agencies.


A “positive” finding on a criminal background check including, but not limited to, an arrest, conviction, or no-contest plea will automatically exclude a candidate from final admission to the nursing program.


Candidates with any criminal history are responsible for having their records expunged prior to the running of a background check.  Failure to do so and resulting “positive” finding will exclude that candidate from final admission to the program since that candidate will be ineligible to participate in clinical rotations.  Candidates may reapply the following year after their record has been expunged.


At any point in the program, a “positive” finding in a drug test that excludes a nursing student from admission into a clinical site will lead to his or her removal from the program.


Gainful Employment


Tuition and book costs reflect the projected cost of the complete program.


Graduation times may vary according to course availability and/or individual course load. Consult faculty advisor.


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