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Machine Tool Technology

Machine Tool Technology

MTT 101 – Introduction to Machine Tool

This course covers the basics in measuring tools, layout tools, bench tools, and basic operations of lathes, mills, and drill presses.

MTT 121 – Machine Tool Theory I

This course covers the principles involved in the production of precision metal parts.

MTT 122 – Machine Tool Practice I

This course covers practical experiences using the principles inMachine Tool Theory I.

MTT 123 – Machine Tool Theory II

This course covers the principles involved in machining parts using machine tools, including lathes, mills, drill presses,  jig bores, and the attachments for each.

MTT 124 – Machine Tool Practice II

This course covers the practical application of the principles in Machine Tool Theory II.

MTT 141 – Metals and Heat Treatment

This course is a study of the properties, characteristics and heat treatment procedures of metals.

MTT 253 – CNC Programming and Operations

This course is a study of the planning, programming, selecting tooling, determining speeds and feeds, setting up, operating, and testing of CNC programs on CNC machines.

MTT 255 – CNC Programming II

This course includes CNC programming with simulated production conditions.