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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

CRJ 101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course includes an overview of the functions and responsibilities of agencies involved in the administration of justice to include police organizations, court systems, correctional systems, and juvenile justice agencies.

CRJ 115 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course covers the development of criminal law in America. The basic elements of specific criminal offenses, criminal defenses, and various legal principles upon which criminal law is established are reviewed.

CRJ 125 – Criminology

This course is a study of the various theories of criminal causation and control, the identification of criminal typologies, and the reaction of society to crime and criminals.

CRJ 130 – Police Administration

This course is a study of the organization, administration, and management of law enforcement agencies.

CRJ 145 – Juvenile Delinquency

This course includes a survey of the sociological, biological, and psychological theories involved in juvenile delinquency, modern trends in prevention, and treatment.

CRJ 216 – Police Supervision

This course includes the analysis of the relationship of the first-line supervisor to the organization, including manpower needs, employee development and motivation, employee training and education, employee safety and health, and employee services and relations.

CRJ 220 – Judicial Process

This course includes an overview of the law-making function of the courts, the growth of common law, the structure and organization of the courts, court processes and procedures involved in criminal and civil cases, and the question of reform for the administration of justice.

CRJ 224 – Police Community Relations

This course is a study of the importance of two-way communication between the criminal justice system and the community to foster a working relationship to control crime. A variety of topics are studied, including citizen involvement in crime prevention and police officer interpersonal relations.

CRJ 230 – Criminal Investigations

This course is a study of the fundamentals of interviewing witnesses and interrogating suspects. Different methods of conducting crime scene searches and methods used in investigating various crimes are studied in the course.

CRJ 242 – Correctional Systems

This course is an introduction to aspects of the correctional function in criminal justice, including organization, process, procedure, and clients incarcerated and on conditional release