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BAF 201 – Principles of Finance

This is an introductory course to the field of finance. Monetary and credit systems are examined along with how the demand for funds is met in both the public and private sector.

BUS 101 – Introduction to Business

This course is a study of the nature of business activity in relation to the economic society, including how a business is owned, organized, managed and controlled.

BUS 110 – Entrepreneurship

This course is the introduction of starting a small business, including forms of ownership and management

BUS 121 – Business Law I

This course is a study of legal procedures, law and society, classifications and systems of law, the tribunals administering justice and their actions, contracts, sales, transfer of titles, rights and duties of the parties, conditions, and warranties.

BUS 140 – Business Mathematics

This course provides applications of business mathematics in the study of discounting, marking up, inventory and insurance. Other topics may include payrolls and commission computations, introductions to stocks and bonds and other accepted business practices.

BUS 220 – Business Ethics

This course includes the exploration of ethical issues arising in the context of doing business. Representative topics: employee rights and responsibilities, corporate regulations and rights, discrimination, truth in advertising, employee privacy, environmental exploitation and free enterprise.