We encourage our campus community to visit the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control website at

Williamsburg Technical College continues to monitor the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak (also known as COVID-2019) and is in communication with local and state officials to stay informed.

We encourage our campus community to visit the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control website at for information about COVID-19.

Free Screenings are available:

If someone believes they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and they are experiencing symptoms; it is advised they speak with a health professional. If you are concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19), it is recommended you first speak to an online virtual care provider.

Prisma Health and MUSC are offering COVID-19 screenings that you can access from home via laptop, cell phone, or tablet. If you are exhibiting symptoms, click on the link for MUSC or  Prisma Health to speak to an online virtual care provider.

Use the promo code COVID19 when you log in for a free online session.

Rely only on reputable sources for information

The CDC has answers to many FAQs. You can also learn more about the disease on DHEC’s website.

Update: March 16, 2020:

Per the Governor’s orders, we have a slight change in our schedule. Spring Break 2020 is going on NOW – March 16 – 20.

Meanwhile, your instructors will be contacting you within the next few days to explain instructions for your classes.

If you have pressing questions about class details / information, please e-mail your instructors.

WTC will continue to notify students of any changes via e-mail, text messages, and phone calls. You may also check our website or follow updates on our social media platforms.

List of postponed, pending, or canceled events:

Legislative Luncheon: Originally scheduled for March 25, 2020 – Canceled

Mandatory Student Orientation: Scheduled for March 31, 2020 –   NOW: April 6, 2020

COVID-19 FAQ ~ March 19, 2020

Question: Is the WTC campus closed to the public?

Answer: Yes. The campus is closed to students and the public until April 1, 2020.

Question:  Are classes canceled?

Answer:  No. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 WTC is immediately transitioning to online delivery for all courses.  By Monday, March 23, 2020, all face-to-face (f2f) classes will be transitioned to an online format.

Question:  Is the college open to the public?

Answer:  Unless changed by executive orders from the Governor, WTC will be open to the students and the public beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2020. Until then, will be available to assist you by phone, email, and other communication methods.

Question:  How can dual enrollment student’s access content when high schools are also closed?

Answer:  Students in this situation will need to coordinate with their instructors.

Question:  How will students take tests in face-to-face (f2f) courses that have now moved online?

Answer:  Please contact your instructor. Each course is different.

Question:  How will the college communicate with students online?

Answer:  Students should check their WTC email accounts. Instructors will provide course content instructions. Instructors will communicate with students through Moodle and other online platforms.

The college will continue to send updates to students by text messages, e-mail, website, and social media platforms.

Question:  My course had a lab/clinical.  How will that be handled since the college is closed?

Answer: Please contact your instructor. It will vary from course to course.

Question:  Will faculty still have office hours?

Answer: Faculty will have virtual office hours.

Question:  How will faculty advise students?

Answer:  Faculty will be using a variety of internet platforms to communicate with students virtually.

Question: When will early registration be held?

Answer: Tentatively, April 6th

Question:  Is the library open?

Answer:  The library will not be open while the college is closed to the public.  However, you may access live chat which is available by clicking on the “Ask a Librarian” link on the library’s web page or from a research guide.  Chat hours are 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Please visit

Question:  How will the college provide updates to faculty, staff, and students if there are changes?

Answer:  Students, faculty, and staff will be informed via e-mails, text messages, automated phone calls, the website and social media platforms. During this unprecedented time, we strive to provide a high level of instruction and customer service.

Question: Do work study students need to report for duty?

Answer: No. Not until further notice.

Question: Will work study students get paid?

Answer: Please contact your work study supervisor for more information.

Question: If students are already enrolled in online classes, will classes continue as scheduled?

Answer: The purpose of extending Spring Break was to allow for social distancing and to allow faculty to move all face to face courses online. If you are already enrolled in an online course, that course will continue or operate on its regular start date.

Question: Will the college still hold regularly scheduled events?

Answer: All regularly scheduled academic and extracurricular events have been postponed or canceled.

Question: Is the Financial Aid Office open to help me?

Answer: Yes, via telephone or email. For assistance with your financial aid, please call 843-355-4166 or email or . If you have documents you need to submit, please scan or take a picture of the document and send to this email address also. Additionally, we will be responding to emails and processing documents during this time.

Question:  How can a student add, drop, or withdraw from a class when the college is closed?

Answer:  Students can drop/withdraw from any class by contacting Student Affairs at or by calling 843-355-4169

Question: What do I do if I can’t access Moodle, WebAdvisor, or Email?

Answer: Please send an email to the appropriate person:


Web advisor