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Academic Probation
A student pursuing an associate degree, diploma or certificate program is considered to be in serious academic difficulty if the student fails to pass at least one half of the credit hours attempted and if the student's GPA falls below the following levels:

Percentage of Hours Attempted/Minimum GPA

25 / 1.50

50 / 1.80

100 / 2.00

Students receiving financial aid must meet minimum GPA requirements as stated in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress policy.

Academic Suspension
Any student who is in the status of academic probation as defined above for two consecutive semesters will be placed on academic suspension and will not be allowed to enroll in any courses the following semester.

Nonacademic Suspension
A student suspended from the College for nonacademic reasons will be notified in writing of the length of suspension. For violation of conduct (see Student Code), the instructor will temporarily dismiss the student from class and refer the matter to the Vice President for Student Affairs who will initiate nonacademic suspension.

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