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Placement at Williamsburg Technical College includes helping students to identify, through assessment, their present levels of education and to move them toward their goals as efficiently as possible. Applicants are placed into specific courses based on successful previous college course work, SAT scores, ACT scores or Williamsburg Technical College Placement Test. Other admission tests and criteria may be required for admission to specific academic programs. These special requirements are outlined in the Curriculum Information section of the catalog. Applicants for curriculum programs must be tested for course placement unless exempted.
WorkKeys┬«  is an acceptable placement instrument for industrial programs. Exemptions may be granted if an applicant meets one or more of the following criteria:

1. The applicant has earned a grade of "C" or better in appropriate college-level English and  college-level algebra  courses taken at another college or university. An official transcript must be  received prior to registration.

2. The applicant has earned advanced placement credit for English and/or mathematics on CLEP and/or AP exams recognized by the College.

3. The applicant has taken the Williamsburg Technical College Placement Test (COMPASS)

4. The applicant has earned an associate's degree or higher.

5. The applicant is not pursuing an academic award and desires to be admitted to take a specific course or courses as a Career Development student. The applicant must meet course prerequisites or have acquired an associate's degree or higher. Students taking the placement test in the Testing Center located in the Student Affairs office must present a photo ID.


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