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The College operates on the semester hour system, and the following symbols are used in grading:

A = Excellent, (4 grade points).

B = Above Average, (3 grade points).

C = Average, (2 grade points).

D = Passing, (1 grade point).

F = Failure (no grade points). The minimum course requirements were not met. Credits attempted will be used in GPA calculation.

I = Incomplete (no grade points). The student has not met course objectives and must remove the I grade by the 10th class day of the semester immediately following; otherwise the incomplete will be changed to an F.

W = Withdrawal prior to the fifth class of the semester.

WP = Withdrawal while passing. This will not appear as credit attempted.

WF = Withdrawal while failing computes as an F and will appear as credit attempted.

AU = Audit; not computed in the GPA.

TR = Credit transferred from another postsecondary institution (grades below C will not be accepted). These grades will not be used in the calculation of the GPA.

E = Exemption (no grade points). The student was granted advanced placement through CLEP, AP exam, challenge exam, secondary school curriculum or experiencial learning.

U = Unsatisfactory. U does not affect GPA calculations, earn institutional credit hours or CEU's, and generates no grade points.

S = Satisfactory. S does earn institutional credit hours or CEUs, but does not affect GPA calculations and generates no grade points. (Effective Fall 2008 the grades S, U, and SC will no longer be used in Developmental Studies but may still be used in Continuing Education.)

The College uses a grade system to measure academic progress. Each grade received is assigned a grade point value (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0). This grade point value is multiplied by the credit hours of the course to determine the grade point earned for that course. The grade points earned in each course are added together, and that total is divided by the total credit hours attempted. This determines the grade point average (GPA), which is the measure of the progress a student is making towards successful completion of a degree, diploma, or certificate program. A grade of A in a three-hour course (4 credits x 3 hours) will equal 12 earned quality points. The semester GPA and cumulative GPA are computed by totaling the number of hours attempted. Grades will be available for viewing at www.wiltech.edu  and clicking on the WebAdvisor link.

Developmental Studies (DVS) Grading System
Grades with an asterisk (*) earn institutional credit hours but do not affect GPA calculations and generate no grade points. Developmental Studies grades are as follows:

A* = Excellent
B* = Above Average
C* = Average
D* = Below Average
F* = Failure

Grade Appeals
Final grades may not be appealed except in cases where the student feels a calculation error may have occurred. Appeals must be made first to the instructor within 10 calendar days of the semester following the grade in question. If not resolved with the instructor, see the Vice President for Academic Affairs. After the 10-day period, no administrative remedy exists.

The College will sponsor a graduation ceremony once a year, normally after spring semester ends in May. Students who are eligible for graduation must file a graduation application with the Office of Student Affairs during the semester they expect to complete their course of study. All candidates for degrees, diplomas, and certificates are encouraged to be present at the graduation exercise.

Graduation Requirements
Requirements in course work for graduation vary with the program of study. The student is responsible for fulfilling the following requirements set forth by the College:

1. achieve at least a 2.0 GPA in all work applicable to the program;
2. complete the course work and the required number of credits;
3. fulfill all financial obligations to the College;
4. file a graduation application with Student Affairs before the semester the student expects to complete his/her course of study;
5. successfully complete at least 25 percent of the overall course work from Williamsburg Technical College to earn a certificate, diploma, or degree from Williamsburg Technical College.

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