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Academic Load
Students who are enrolled for at least 12 semester hours are considered full-time students. Students enrolled for less than 12 semester hours are considered part-time students. Any student wishing to enroll in more than 18 semester hours must have the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. No student may enroll in more than 21 hours. The course load for students who have been placed on academic probation may be limited in order to encourage students to concentrate their efforts to avoid suspension.

Academic Evaluation
Academic evaluation of student performance will be made on the basis of published criteria. At the beginning of each course, students will be informed of the standards to be used in evaluation. If not provided, students should request this information from the instructor.

Add Period
Students may add additional courses during the approved drop/add period (typically the first week of class) by contacting their academic advisor, who will initiate the proper forms. Classes cannot be added after the drop/add period.

Academic Discipline
The basis for grading will always be the result of the student's achievement. Dishonesty in the preparation or presentation of work for a course will not be tolerated. Details on academic dishonesty are included in the Student Code and Grievance Procedure.

Academic Honors
Students who have made outstanding academic progress will be recognized through the College's President's, Dean's, and Merit Lists. Those students who have developmental courses in a given semester will be excluded from these listings.

President's List
The President's List will be published each term to recognize full-time students who have earned a semester GPA of 4.0. These students will receive a letter of acknowledgment from the College president.

Dean's List
The Dean's List will be published each term naming students who are attending fulltime and have earned a term GPA of 3.5 or better.

Merit List
The Merit List will be published each term to recognize students who are attending part-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.5 or better.

National Dean's List
Students who have qualified for the Dean's List and who have continued, uninterrupted enrollment at the College are eligible to be nominated to the National Dean's List.

Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
Williamsburg Technical College participates in the annual selection of students who appear in Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. The selection committee accepts nominations from faculty and staff, which meet the criteria for selection. Guidelines for selection include: scholarship (at least a 3.0 GPA), participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship, and promise of future success. Students are notified of acceptance by the national headquarters.

Advanced Placement
The College allows advanced standing to place a student beyond the basic course work in a curriculum and allows college credit for properly documented competencies from previous academic study and/or examination.

Williamsburg Technical College will also recognize life or work experience for credit provided that the student meets demonstrated criteria. Details of how a student may establish credit for life or work experience are as follows:

Credit for Work or Public Service
A. In order to consider awarding credit for work or public service, the student is responsible for demonstrating that the work or public service is comprehensive and allows the applicant to demonstrate proficiencies comparable to academic proficiencies and skill levels in the college-level course for which course credit is requested.
B. The student may be awarded a maximum of 10 percent of the credits required for program completion.
C. The student who requests consideration for credit work or public service must meet the following guidelines:
1. The student must be at least 25 years of age;
2. The student must not have been enrolled in a higher education institution for the previous five years;
3. The student must have a minimum of five years of work or public service experience before the credit is awarded;
4. The student must present placement information (SAT, ACT, or COMPASS) to indicate that no remediation is required.
D. Requests for credit for extra-institutional learning shall be submitted, in writing, to the Admissions Office of the College. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and/or appropriate faculty shall coordinate review of the credit. The American Council on Education Guides will be used to determine credit awards. Learning to be evaluated must be in subject areas in which faculty expertise is available or in which expertise can be arranged.
E. In the event of external evaluators being required, the student shall be charged the hourly rate of the evaluator times the number of hours required to complete the evaluation. If credit is awarded, a grade of "E" for exemption is assigned.

Credit by Examination
1. College Entrance Examination Board:
Credit is given to students who score a 3, 4, or 5 on an Advanced Placement Examination of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). A grade of "E" is assigned. Official transcripts or records of such examination scores must be on file at the college before credit will be accepted. Students should be aware that acceptance of these credits by Williamsburg Technical College does not guarantee that a subsequently-attended institution will also accept these credits.

2. College Level Examination Program:
Credit for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) will be accepted. A score in the fiftieth percentile or higher is necessary for credit to be awarded. A grade of "E" is assigned.

3. Challenge Exam:
Normally students attend class to acquire the requisite knowledge for a college course; however, there may be cases in which students have acquired knowledge or experience equivalent to the course content. In these cases, students may request credit by examination. Students must apply by completing the Request for Credit by Examination form from the Vice President for Academic Affairs before the end of the change of schedule (add/drop) period.

a. To make a request for credit by examination, the student must be registered in the course.
b. The request must be endorsed and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
c. The request must, either by content or reference, present clear evidence that the applicant has previous training or course work to indicate probable success on a comprehensive examination on the subject matter of the course.
d. The student will attend class until notified of successful completion of the examination.

The instructor must administer the exam during the first five class days of the semester in which application is approved. The instructor will evaluate the exam as either pass or fail. If the examination is passed successfully, the instructor administering the examination will complete the form showing:

a. The student's name and Datatel ID number,
b. The course title and number,
c. Record as pass or fail,
d. Credit hours, and
e. A copy of the examination and the date the examination was administered. The completed form will be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and will be forwarded to the Registrar upon approval. If the exam is recorded as pass, a grade of "E" is assigned. If the examination is not passed, the student will be treated as a student who did not make application for credit by examination. A request for credit by examination will not be approved for any course taken during the prior semester. Due to the content and methods of instruction, certain courses may not be applicable for credit by examination.

Advanced Placement for Secondary School Work
Williamsburg Technical College has advanced placement agreements with several area high schools to grant college credit for courses in which equivalent course work Academic Information 65 was satisfactorily completed at an area high school or vocational school. Advanced placement may be requested through Williamsburg Technical College/Williamsburg County School District agreements in many subject areas. A grade of "E" is assigned. Information may be obtained through counselors at the college, local high schools or vocational schools.

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