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1. Williamsburg Technical College will recognize course work from other postsecondary institutions. Courses accepted for transfer must closely parallel the courses offered by Williamsburg Technical College. If credit for transfer is from an institution which is not regionally accredited, the student may be required to provide a course syllabus for each course demonstrating appropriate level, content, comparability, and program relevance.

2. The College will accept in transfer only a course for which a grade of C or better has been earned.

To receive acceptance of credits, applicants for transfer must submit an official transcript of prior course work from each institution attended.
a. To be eligible for transfer credit, applicants must meet all admission criteria of the College.
b. Credits must appear on an official transcript from the granting institution; a copy of the  transcript(s) must be filed in the records office at the College.

Transfer students who wish to earn an associate degree at Williamsburg Technical College must successfully complete 25 percent of required hours of the degree program at Williamsburg Technical College.
a. If the credit hours for a parallel course are less than those granted by the College, the course will not be accepted for transfer.
b. If the credit hours for the course are more than those granted by the College, the credits will be accepted at the same level as those of Williamsburg Technical College.

All credit hours for transferred courses must be converted to semester hours.

The grades for credits obtained at other schools are not computed in the GPA.
a. Credit hours will apply toward the total required for graduation. Only hours earned at Williamsburg Technical College will apply toward the 2.0 GPA graduation requirement.
b. The transfer student's transcript will reflect the number of credits as a TR in the grade column.
c. The transcript evaluation form will be maintained as part of the student's records.
d. The transcript evaluator will notify the student of the credits accepted for transfer within 30 days of receipt of the official transcript. The notification will be in the form of a letter and a copy of the transcript evaluation form. The student may appeal the decision of acceptability in writing to the transcript evaluator or the Vice President for Academic Affairs in accordance with the Family Education Rights Privacy Act.


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