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It is the policy of Williamsburg Technical College that students receive a fair and equitable refund of tuition and other institutional charges upon withdrawal or reduction of course load below 12 credit hours. Written withdrawal notification and request for refund must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office during the drop/add period. Failure to attend class or notifying the instructor does not constitute withdrawal.

Refunds of 100% for class withdrawal are made only within the first seven calendar days after the start of the semester. No refunds will be made thereafter. Full refunds will be made for classes cancelled by the College. The policy applies even if the student does not attend class, and the number of school days applies regardless of the student's class schedule.

Refunds for veterans and other eligible persons enrolled in non-degree programs will be made subject to limitations set forth in Code of Federal Regulations 21.4255(c)(13).

Title IV Refunds
If you are receiving financial aid from Title IV federal funds and you withdraw from school under any circumstances before completing 60% of the term, Williamsburg Technical College will determine whether a refund or repayment is owed to the Title IV account. If a refund or repayment to the account is required, the College will return funds according to the federal refund policy.

Veteran Student Refunds
The College has and maintains a policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges in the event the veteran or eligible person fails to enter the course or withdraws or is discontinued there from at any time prior to completion. Refunds will be made promptly (within 40 days). Veterans are not required to file an application for refund.

Veterans' Benefits
The following policies and procedures for enrollment certification, attendance, and vocational rehabilitation are of primary concern to veterans, service persons, reservists and other eligible persons who receive VA Educational Assistance payments while enrolled at the college.

Enrollment Certification
Certification for benefits by the financial aid director is necessary in order for eligible veterans, service persons, reservists and dependents to receive educational assistance checks from the Veterans Administration. The Financial Aid office is located in Room 214, Building A. Eligible VA students must have completed formal College admission requirements and must be fully admitted into a program before they request certification for VA payment.

Students should contact the College's financial aid director for specific information about requesting VA payments for their admission status. The Veterans Administration will make the final decision regarding approval of payments for students. Applications for Veterans Education Benefits must be submitted online at www.gibill.va.gov. To ensure receipt of benefits, eligible VA students must inform the financial aid director of their intention to register for classes and supply the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled each semester. The financial aid director will then certify enrollment to the Veterans Administration regional office for processing and payment, if eligible.

Specific procedures and forms for application and enrollment certification may be obtained from the College's financial aid director. Each student's request will be handled individually according to the type of VA education assistance program for which the student is eligible and the student's enrollment status at the College. All students receiving VA educational assistance payments from the Veterans Administration are responsible for immediately notifying the Veterans Administration and the College's financial aid director of any changes in their program and/or credit hour load during a semester, to include changing programs, dropping or adding a course, withdrawing from school, or auditing a course. Veterans must file a change of program form 1995 with the Veterans Administration if changing curriculum.

The VA will not allow payment for courses not computed in a student's GPA or not counted toward graduation requirements for a student's program.

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