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Congratulations!   You have just taken the first step toward changing your future by visiting the Williamsburg Technical College Admissions website.  Now that you have taken this step, rest assured that the Admissions staff at the College will help you move through the process as efficiently as possible.  

In order for your admissions process to go smoothly, here are a few steps that you must take to ensure that you get enrolled, registered, and ready to start class next semester:
To be accepted as a student at Williamsburg Technical College, an applicant must:
1. Complete an application form obtained from Student Affairs or on the website.
2. Pay a $10 nonrefundable application fee. Applications will remain on file one year from the date submitted.
3. Request high school and/or other institutions to forward transcripts of all academic work attempted.
4. Take the COMPASS, an assessment instrument designed to aid counselors and advisors in determining the best course of study for each student; present an SAT score of 977 (verbal - 470; writing - 47; math - 460) or an equivalent ACT score of 19; or be currently enrolled in good standing at another institution.
5. Register for classes during registration.
6. Meet the established admission criteria for each curriculum. The student should apprise himself/herself of these criteria.
7. Be accepted into a curriculum by the Director of Enrollment and Record Services.

Former students of Williamsburg Technical College should contact the Office of Admissions to determine what steps must be taken to reactivate their records. All students must update their admission data anytime there is a change in information. Students who are not enrolled for one semester or more must verify admission data before enrolling. New applications will be completed when appropriate.

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