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Administrative Organization
As one of the 16 colleges within South Carolina’s state system of technical colleges, Williamsburg Technical College is under the policy and administrative control of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education. This Board establishes policies applicable on a system-wide basis and, where necessary, administrative procedures required to implement these system-wide policies.

State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education Board
Montez C. Martin, Jr.          Chair (At-Large Member)

Gwendolyn A. Bright          (At-Large Member)
Dan P. Gray                       First Congressional District
W.M.Brantley Harvey, Jr.     Second Congressional District
Bettis C. Rainsford              Third Congressional District
Tammy C. Devine               Fourth Congressional District
Ralph A. Odom, Jr.             Fifth Congressional District
Joe W. Pearce, Jr.               Sixth Congressional District
Bruce Herbert Ellis              (At-Large Member)
Vacant                               (At-Large Member)
Dr. Mick Zais                      S.C. Superintendent of Ed Ex-Officio Member
Robert M. Hitt, III               S.C. Secretary of Commerce Ex-Officio Member
Darrel Staat                        System President

Williamsburg Technical College Area Commission
The College is governed by an Area Commission composed of 11 members who are appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Williamsburg County Legislative Delegation. Members are appointed for staggered three-year terms. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer are elected annually by the Commission members. The Commission meets monthly. It sets policy for the College consistent with the policies established by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

WTC Area Commission Board Members

Joan B. Thompson, Chair
Johnny M. Gardner, Jr., Vice Chair
S. Christine Green, Secretary/Treasurer
Coleman Braxton
Walter H. Brown
Harmon Cooper, Jr.
Sidney "Lide" Howell, III
Harry L. Huell
Henry M. Poston
James S. Stuckey, Jr.
Gertrude P. Williams

Williamsburg Technical College Foundation
Begun in 1995, the Williamsburg Technical College Foundation is the coordinating agent for all College fundraising. To maximize success, avoid duplication of efforts, and assure adherence to WTCF and WTC priorities and policies, all gift solicitation, proposals for gift solicitation, or fundraising events to be conducted by anyone (including faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, etc.) for the benefit of the College or any part of the College shall require the review by the Director of Development and Public Relations and final approval of the administrative council. Approval of the WTC Foundation is required prior to the acceptance of certain gifts.

In the broadest sense, the purpose of the Williamsburg Technical College Foundation is to create an awareness within the private sector of the financial needs of the College that are not met by local, state, or federal support and to implement a plan to generate financial support through private development. To fulfill these purposes, the Office of Development and Public Relations seeks methods for obtaining gift support from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, businesses, corporations, organizations, and private foundations for both annual and capital purposes.  

Foundation Board of Directors
Henry Poston, Chair

Walter Cottingham
Robert Cherinko, Treasurer

Ann Rodgers Chandler, Secretary
Jennifer Kellahan
W.B. Wilson

Louise Easterling
Kimberly Barr
Tracy Kellahan
John Martin
Hester Gadsden

Williamsburg Technical College Administrative Officers
President - Dr. Patricia A. Lee
The President is responsible for the total program of the institution, including instruction, personnel, plant and facilities, student affairs, fiscal management and budget. His/Her role is that of the educational leader as well as the institutional chief executive officer.

Vice President for Academic Affairs - Clifton R. Elliott
The Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the chief instructional officer at the College. He/She has responsibility for the administration of the instructional programs that lead to degrees, diplomas, and certificates.  Responsibilities include: planning, scheduling, implementing, and evaluating all academic college courses. The VP is also responsible for overseeing the library, serving as the liaison between the College and senior colleges, preparing the academic calendar and assisting in the preparation and administration of the budget for the Instruction division.

Vice President for Student Affairs- Dr. Eric A. Brown
The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for the development and maintenance of a comprehensive student services program which is dedicated to the premise that students are the primary priority of the College. Responsibilities include: student records, advisement to the Student Government Association, counseling services, job placement, career planning, student activities, admissions, financial aid, and disciplinary actions.  The VP is also responsible for the supervision of the Educational Talent Search, and Upward Bound programs.

Vice President for Business Affairs - Melissa A. Coker
The function of the Vice President for Business Affairs is to carry out the administrative fiscal requirements of the College. This includes the preparation and administration of the annual budget which is derived from a variety of fund sources. Responsibilities also include purchasing; inventory control; and proper maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment.

Director of Development and Public Relations - Mona B. Dukes
The duties of the Director of Development and Public Relations include: building and maintaining a productive fundraising program to enhance the facilities and opportunities of the College; serving as the liaison between the College and the Williamsburg Technical College Foundation board; planning events and conducting mailings to develop and maintain working relationships with alumni, friends and donors of the College; and performing duties as necessary to ensure that the public is kept aware of the activities of the College.

Human Resources Manager  -  Jennifer Strong
The Human Resources Manager is responsible for the comprehensive HR functions of the College; leads and provides expertise in all functions of a human resources department including recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations, and professional development; ensures that all policies are in compliance with appropriate state and federal laws. Duties include formulating, organizing, planning, implementing and coordinating policies and procedures for the human resources department, and recommending policies and practices to senior management. 

Director of Planning, Research and Grants - Andrew C. Muller
The Director of Planning, Research and Grants is responsible for developing and directing institutional research, data management, planning evaluation, assessments and program reviews.  This position manages a comprehensive institutional effectiveness program, strategic and annual planning components, student outcomes assessment, program review (academic and non-academic) and systems to evaluate effectiveness and continuous improvement.  This position supervises and manages the preparation and distribution of reports to meet local, state, regional and national requirements and directives, ensures SACS compliance, and maintains oversight of the College’s Public Relations/Development and Management Information System departments. In addition, he/she is responsible for the administration of a comprehensive grants development program to include research, identification of appropriate applications, and coordination among entities.  He/She takes the lead in the college’s grants development efforts and indentify and secure alternate funding opportunities. He/She also ensures that all grants funds received are expended according to grant requirements.

Director of Distance Education - James Myers
Plans, implements and directs academic education and related training programs for specialized curriculum areas. Validates the adoption of uniform procedures and criteria for the particular area of study, such as course titles, content, credit, instructional contact time, grading and related matters. Plans workshops to develop and update course content. Assists in the development of new course guidelines. Participates in instructional equipment procurements related to specialized curriculum areas. Conducts in-service training programs for education personnel in specialized curriculum areas and related staff instructional needs. Evaluates the appropriateness and responsiveness of the curriculum to the client's needs; ensures appropriate modifications to programs and/or methods as needed. Serves as liaison with and educational consultant for other agencies, departments or organizations; prepares and disseminates information concerning educational programs and procedures.


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