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When the founders of Williamsburg Technical College envisioned an entity that would provide job training, attract industry and attack the poverty, out-migration and unemployment that plagued the County, they certainly could have never foreseen the positive impact their efforts would make ongenerations of area residents.

The College is committed to helping students be productive, grow, and achieve their highest potential. It offers educational programs for the personal, social, and economic potential of the individual. It provides educational access for all who are eligible and who have the desire and ability to benefit from program offerings. it is a community player, supporting local civic, economic, educational and cultural needs and is dedicated to a quality work environment through its instructional and organizational development.

Simply put, Williamsburg Technical College is the place where people's lives are changed for the better and, in turn, the community is enhanced. Come be a part of the WTC life!


Our History...

Williamsburg Technical College, a two-year postsecondary institution located in the Atlantic Coast region of South Carolina, began its educational function in 1969 as “Williamsburg Regional Manpower Training Center” largely through endeavors made by local leaders and officials within Williamsburg County.  At its inception, the institution fulfilled the single greatest need in Williamsburg County, the need for a comprehensive manpower training center to provide job training, attract industry and, as a result, attack the poverty, out-migration and unemployment which plagued the county.

Williamsburg Technical College opened its doors to students in late 1969, representing a new concept in comprehensive education coupled with various supportive services. For the first time in South Carolina, and most particularly in Williamsburg County, all the following capabilities and services were available in one concentrated area: technical education, adult education, vocational education for high school students, continuing education for personal enrichment, and the offices of the state Job Service and Vocational Rehabilitation.

On January 31, 1975, by Act of the S.C. Legislature, the institution changed its name from the “Williamsburg Regional Manpower Training Center” to the “Williamsburg Technical, Vocational and Adult Education Center,” a title which at that time more accurately reflected its purpose.

The College became accredited in December 1977 by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Following accreditation, and with approval of the S.C. State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, in February 1979 the institution officially became known as Williamsburg Technical College.  The College’s accreditation was reaffirmed in December 1982, in December 1992, and in December 2002.

The uniqueness of the College and the contributions it has made to the community were recognized during 1976, when the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration selected Williamsburg Technical College as one of 200 projects in the United States for the “Horizons on Display Program,” which recognized the “problem solving capacity in American communities.”

To ensure the potential for each Williamsburg Technical College student to successfully complete the educational programs he/she is pursuing, the College has embarked on specific steps to create a positive learning environment. During 1977 and 1978, curricula were expanded with associate degrees in the areas of General Technology, General Business and Secretarial Science.  In the spring of 1981, the College further expanded its curricula by including the Associate in Arts and the Associate in Science degree college transfer programs. More recently, the College has added an associate degree in Public Service with a major in Early Childcare and Education and a diploma in Practical Nursing. Williamsburg Technical College continues to revise and update existing curricula to ensure that course and program offerings remain abreast of current teaching techniques and industrial trends.

Williamsburg Technical College is committed to helping students discover their abilities and interests while developing them to the fullest extent, consistent with their own goals and capabilities and the needs of society.

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