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Williamsburg Technical College Dr. Patty Lee

Welcome to our new and improved website.


This is an exceptional time for you to look into becoming a part of the WTC family. We have increased online course offerings, sought new ways to extend educational opportunities to on-campus students, moved forward with four-year course offerings through our partnership with Limestone College, and seen high school dual enrollment rise. We also have welcomed some new faculty and staff to our ranks and share excitement each time we hear of the career successes of our many graduates.


I invite you to to check out your options as a WTC student. Complete the online application. Look at the program offerings. Visit our campus or call one of our counselors or advisors to talk about your future. You won’t believe what is right here at your back door!


Thanks for checking out WTC. We look forward to your being part of our family soon.


Dr. Patty Lee

WTC President




South Carolina State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education Board

As one of the 16 colleges within South Carolina’s state system of technical colleges, Williamsburg Technical College is under the policy and administrative control of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education. This Board establishes policies applicable on a system-wide basis and, where necessary, administrative procedures required to implement these system-wide policies. Board members include:


Ralph A. Odom, Jr.. -  Chair - Fifth Congressional District

Warren L. Helm - First Congressional District

Robert E. Barnett - Second Congressional District

Charles G. Wilson - Third Congressional District

Stephen J. Burry - Fourth Congressional District

Gregory B. Askins. -  Sixth Congressional District

Dan P. Gray - Seventh Congressional District

Gwendolyn A. Bright - At-Large Member

Montez C. Martin, Jr. - At-Large Member

Robert A. Wilson - At-Large Member

Matthew L. Yaun - At-Large Member

Mitchell M. Zais - S.C. Superintendent of Ed - Ex-Officio Member

Robert M. Hitt, III - S.C. Secretary of Commerce - Ex-Officio Member

James C. Williamson - System President


Williamsburg Technical College Area Commission Board

The College is governed by an Area Commission composed of 11 members who are appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Williamsburg County Legislative Delegation. Members are appointed for staggered three-year terms. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer are elected annually by the Commission members. The Commission meets monthly. It sets policy for the College consistent with the policies established by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education. Board members include:











    Johnny M. Gardner, Jr.          Henry M. Poston           S. Christine Green            Coleman Braxton             Walter H. Brown

                Chair                             Vice Chair                Secretary/Treasurer











      Harmon Cooper, Jr.      Sidney "Lide" Howell, III                                               James S. Stuckey, Jr.       Gertrude P. Williams


(Two commission member seats are vacant at this time.)



Williamsburg Technical College Administrative Officers

President - Dr. Patricia A. Lee

The President is responsible for the total program of the institution, including instruction, personnel, plant and facilities, student affairs, fiscal management and budget. His/Her role is that of the educational leader as well as the institutional chief executive officer.


Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs - Dr. Clifton R. Elliott

The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs serves as the chief instructional officer at the College. He/She has responsibility for the administration of the instructional programs that lead to degrees, diplomas, and certificates.  Responsibilities include: planning, scheduling, implementing, and evaluating all academic college courses. The VP is also responsible for overseeing the library, serving as the liaison between the College and senior colleges, preparing the academic calendar and assisting in the preparation and administration of the budget for the Instruction division.


Associate Vice President for Student Affairs - Dr. Alexis DuBose

The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for the development and maintenance of a comprehensive student services program which is dedicated to the premise that students are the primary priority of the College. Responsibilities include: student records, advisement to the Student Government Association, counseling services, job placement, career planning, student activities, admissions, financial aid, and disciplinary actions.  The VP is also responsible for the supervision of the Educational Talent Search, and Upward Bound programs.


Vice President for Finance and Administration - Melissa A. Coker

The function of the Vice President for Business Affairs is to carry out the administrative fiscal requirements of the College. This includes the preparation and administration of the annual budget which is derived from a variety of fund sources. Responsibilities also include purchasing; inventory control; and proper maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment.


Director of Development and Public Relations - Mona B. Dukes

The duties of the Director of Development and Public Relations include: building and maintaining a productive fundraising program to enhance the facilities and opportunities of the College; serving as the liaison between the College and the Williamsburg Technical College Foundation board; planning events and conducting mailings to develop and maintain working relationships with alumni, friends and donors of the College; and performing duties as necessary to ensure that the public is kept aware of the activities of the College.


Human Resources Manager  -  Jennifer Strong

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for the comprehensive HR functions of the College; leads and provides expertise in all functions of a human resources department including recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, employee relations, and professional development; ensures that all policies are in compliance with appropriate state and federal laws. Duties include formulating, organizing, planning, implementing and coordinating policies and procedures for the human resources department, and recommending policies and practices to senior management.


Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement - Andrew C. Muller

The Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement is responsible for developing and directing institutional research, data management, planning evaluation, assessments and program reviews.  This position manages a comprehensive institutional effectiveness program, strategic and annual planning components, student outcomes assessment, program review (academic and non-academic) and systems to evaluate effectiveness and continuous improvement.  This position supervises and manages the preparation and distribution of reports to meet local, state, regional and national requirements and directives, ensures SACS compliance, and maintains oversight of the College’s Public Relations/Development and Management Information System departments. In addition, he/she is responsible for the administration of a comprehensive grants development program to include research, identification of appropriate applications, and coordination among entities.  He/She takes the lead in the college’s grants development efforts and identify and secure alternate funding opportunities. He/she also ensures that all grants funds received are expended according to grant requirements.


Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Education - James Bostic

Plans, implements and directs academic education and related training programs for specialized curriculum areas. Validates the adoption of uniform procedures and criteria for the particular area of study, such as course titles, content, credit, instructional contact time, grading and related matters. Plans workshops to develop and update course content. Assists in the development of new course guidelines. Participates in instructional equipment procurements related to specialized curriculum areas. Conducts in-service training programs for education personnel in specialized curriculum areas and related staff instructional needs. Evaluates the appropriateness and responsiveness of the curriculum to the client's needs; ensures appropriate modifications to programs and/or methods as needed. Serves as liaison with and educational consultant for other agencies, departments or organizations; prepares and disseminates information concerning educational programs and procedures.




To report fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or misconduct within or involving a state agency, call the State Inspector General at

(855) 723-7285 (855-SCFRAUD) or visit the State Inspector General's website to file a compaint online.

SACSCOC Accreditation I Philosophy Statement I Purpose Statement I Mission Statement I Policies and Procedures I Vision Statement            The History of WTC I Annual Reports I Financial Transparency Reports I Statement of Student Achievement and Success I Intent to Award


SACSCOC Accreditation

Williamsburg Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Williamsburg Technical College.


WTC's Philosophy Statement

As a member of the South Carolina Technical College System, Williamsburg Technical College is fully committed to the system-wide philosophy expressed by the S.C. State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education. This philosophy stresses the need for each institution to offer high-quality education that “minimizes geographic, economic, academic and other barriers to postsecondary education.” Williamsburg Technical College recognizes the importance of an “open door” admission policy which states that the College has an “obligation to respond to the needs of each student at his or her level of ability and development.” In keeping with the system-wide philosophy, Williamsburg Technical College is committed to a comprehensive approach to education which includes the programs in occupational and technical fields, special industrial training, college parallel programs and community service. The College also has a special obligation to maintain a strong program of student financial aid that will diminish economic deterrents to higher education.


WTC's Purpose Statement

Williamsburg Technical College, a public two-year college granting associate degrees, diplomas, certificates and continuing education units, provides quality, affordable, and accessible learning opportunities so students can gain knowledge and skills to achieve their educational goals and provides training opportunities to meet area business and industry needs in a supportive environment that is fiscally, administratively, and academically sound.


WTC's Mission

Williamsburg Technical College, a member of the South Carolina Technical College System, is a public, two-year, associate degree, diploma, and certificate granting institution serving Williamsburg County. The mission of Williamsburg Technical College is to offer quality, affordable, and accessible educational opportunities and experiences that enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals and to encourage economic development in Williamsburg County.


The College offers to residents of Williamsburg County with varying academic skill levels the opportunity for postsecondary vocational, technical, and occupational programs leading directly to employment or maintenance of employment in any of the area’s manufacturing firms specializing in textiles, plastics, or metal fabrication. Additionally, Williamsburg Technical College offers postsecondary vocational programs leading directly to employment or maintenance of employment in many of the county’s service industries to include cosmetology, nursing, and automotive repair. Associate degree programs are also offered which enable students to gain access through transfer to other postsecondary education.


Through curricular programs and extensive distance education and special programs and in cooperation with business and industry, the College attempts to produce ethical and skilled employees with leadership abilities who are also competent in their fields, capable of adjusting to change, and knowledgeable of current technological advances. Williamsburg Technical College affirms the following values as guides for the institution to fulfill its mission, goals, philosophy, and operational procedures.


The College is committed to:

Students: belief in the capacity of individuals to be productive, to grow, and to achieve their highest potential.

Quality Education: commitment to high standards for educational programs that enhance the personal, social, and economic potential of the individual.

Access: commitment to educational access for all who are eligible and who have the desire and ability to benefit from program offerings.

Contribution to Community: recognition of a partnership with and respect for cultural diversity in the community which supports local civic, economic, educational and cultural needs, and enriches the quality of community life.

Quality Work Environment: commitment to instructional and organizational development which results in open communication and involvement in planning and decision making in an ethical environment.

WTC Area Commission approved May 3, 2010; Reaffirmed August 5, 2013; Commission on Higher Education approved January 3, 2014

WTC's Vision Statement

The vision of Williamsburg Technical College is to:

- provide innovative instruction and learning of the highest caliber for higher education and lifelong learning to become the first educational choice of area citizens;

- provide exceptional lifelong learning opportunities to meet the continuing educational challenges of the future;

- make a dramatic impact on the economic development of our community by providing a highly skilled and well-trained workforce to meet the progressive needs of business and industry;

- exemplify a respect for cultural diversity in a student-oriented environment;

- increase educational opportunities for all eligible area citizens by providing maximum accessibility to all College programs;

- support and encourage continued professional growth so that faculty members are equipped to deliver the highest quality teaching and College staff can excel in performing their duties;

- maximize awareness of the College as a dynamic center of learning and achieve the utmost respect and support of our community; and

- enhance the learning environment by providing the best buildings, facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment possible.


The History of WTC

Williamsburg Technical College, a two-year postsecondary institution located in the Atlantic Coast region of South Carolina, began its educational function in 1969 as “Williamsburg Regional Manpower Training Center” largely through endeavors made by local leaders and officials within Williamsburg County. At its inception, the institution fulfilled the single greatest need in Williamsburg County, the need for a comprehensive manpower training center to provide job training, attract industry and, as a result, attack the poverty, out-migration and unemployment which plagued the County.


Williamsburg Technical College opened its doors to students in late 1969, representing a new concept in comprehensive education coupled with various supportive services. For the first time in South Carolina, and most particularly in Williamsburg County, all the following capabilities and services were available in one concentrated area: technical education, adult education, vocational education for high school students, continuing education for personal enrichment, and the offices of the state Job Service and Vocational Rehabilitation.


On January 31, 1975, by Act of the S.C. Legislature, the institution changed its name from the “Williamsburg Regional Manpower Training Center” to the “Williamsburg Technical, Vocational and Adult Education Center,” a title which at that time more accurately reflected its purpose.


The College became accredited in December 1977 by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Following accreditation, and with approval of the S.C. State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, in February 1979 the institution officially became known as Williamsburg Technical College. The College’s accreditation was reaffirmed in December 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2012.


The uniqueness of the College and the contributions it has made to the community were recognized during 1976, when the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration selected Williamsburg Technical College as one of 200 projects in the United States for the “Horizons on Display Program,” which recognized the “problem solving capacity in American communities.”


To ensure the potential for each Williamsburg Technical College student to successfully complete the educational programs he/she is pursuing, the College has embarked on specific steps to create a positive learning environment. In 1977 and 1978, curricula were expanded with associate degrees in the areas of General Technology, General Business and Secretarial Science. In the spring of 1981, the College further expanded its curricula by including the Associate in Arts and the Associate in Science degree programs designed for college transfer.


Recent changes include the reactivation of certificate programs in Industrial Electricity, Criminal Justice, and Nail Technology in 2013; SACSCOC approval of the Hemingway Career and Technology Center as an off-campus site in 2013; and SACSCOC approval of the Criminal Justice Certificate program in 2015. The College continues to expand its course technology base and now offers both hybrid and online courses. Williamsburg Technical College currently offers five Associate Degree programs, three Diploma programs, and 21 Certificate programs. Popular majors include Practical Nursing, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, Early Childhood Development, and Welding.


In addition, to address service area economic and employment needs, the College continues to focus on workforce development. Current program offerings include the South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC).


Williamsburg Technical College continues to revise and update existing curricula to ensure that course and program offerings remain abreast of current teaching techniques and industrial trends. Williamsburg Technical College is committed to helping students discover their abilities and interests while developing them to the fullest extent, consistent with their own goals and capabilities and the needs of society.



WTC Strategic Plan 2009-2012     WTC Strategic Plan 2010-2013     WTC Strategic Plan 2011-2014     WTC Strategic Plan 2015-2018

WTC Strategic Plan 2012-2015     WTC Strategic Plan 2013-2016     WTC Strategic Plan 2014-2017     WTC Strategic Plan 2016-2019



WTC Accountability Report 2005-2006     WTC Accountability Report 2006-2007     WTC Accountability Report 2007-2008

WTC Accountability Report 2008-2009     WTC Accountability Report 2009-2010     WTC Accountability Report 2010-2011

WTC Accountability Report 2011-2012     WTC Accountability Report 2012-2013     WTC Accountability Report 2013-2014

WTC Accountability Report 2014-2015     WTC Accountability Report 2015-2016     WTC Accountability Report 2016-2017


WTC Professional Exam Subset 2011     WTC Student Performance Summary 2012

WTC Professional Exam Subset 2012     WTC Professional Exam Subset 2013


Financial Transparency

Williamsburg Technical College (WTC) is pleased to present its financial data to the constituents of South Carolina as part of an ongoing effort to provide financial transparency. Accountability is the hallmark of a well-run college, and timely access to financial data is critical to accomplishing this goal.


Check Registers

WTC will post monthly check registers to this website by the tenth of the month following the month end, beginning with July 2011 data. WTC will maintain at least one year of check data on this website going forward. Check register reports are in a searchable PDF format that includes the following data:

Identification number: check number

Check Date: check date

Transaction Amount: actual cost of the item or service provided

Vendor Name/Payee: payee (Employee, Area Commission Members, and TRIO student names are redacted and replaced with an alternative description)

Category: general description of the item purchase or service provided

Object: a more detailed description of the item purchased or service provided

Source: college funding source from which the item was purchased

All accounts payable transactions are included in these reports except wages and the related payroll tax withholding, student refunds and sales taxes paid to the Department of Revenue.


Transparency 2017-01   Transparency 2017-2
Transparency 2016-12   Transparency 2016-11   Transparency 2016-10   Transparency 2016-09   Transparency 2016-08   Transparency 2016-07
Transparency 2016-06   Transparency 2016-05  Transparency 2016-04   Transparency 2016-03   Transparency 2016-02   Transparency 2016-01


Student Achievement and Success

Consistent with the SACSCOC policy statement of Institutional Obligations for Public Disclosure, which addresses one of the standards of the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, Williamsburg Technical College publishes statements of its goals for student achievement and the success of students in achieving those goals. Measures of student success are appropriate to the institutional mission and are consistent with the Indicators of Effectiveness identified in the Williamsburg Technical College Institutional Effectiveness Manual.

Statement of Student Achievement and Success


SC Fraud

To report fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, or misconduct within or involving a state agency, call the State Inspector General at 1-855-723-7283 (1-855-SC-Fraud), or click here to file a complaint online.

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Williamsburg Technical College, 601 Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue, Kingstree, SC 29556     843.355.4110 or 800.768.2021


Williamsburg Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate degrees.

Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Williamsburg Technical College.


Employee and applicant inquiries concerning the federal laws and their application to the College may be directed to the Vice President for Business Affairs , WTC, 601 MLK Jr. Avenue, Kingstree, SC 29556 843.355.4117, who will serve as the College’s Section 504, Title II, and Title IX Coordinator.


WTC shall not discriminate in employment or personnel decisions or in student admissions or in student decisions, or in all other segments of the College community on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability, ancestry, political affiliation, pregnancy, marital status or unfavorable discharge from military service, in the educational programs and activities which it operates, and the College is prohibited from discrimination in such manner by applicable laws. Practices and requirements for non-discrimination extend to the enrollment of students in programs and activities of the College and employment by the College. Employee and applicant inquiries concerning the federal laws and their application to the College may be directed to the Vice President for Business Affairs , WTC, 601 MLK Jr. Avenue, Kingstree, SC 29556 843.355.4117, who will serve as the College's Section 504, Title II, and Title IX Coordinator. Student and prospective student inquiries concerning the federal laws and their application to the College or any student decision may be directed to Vice President for Student Affairs,  WTC, 601 MLK Jr. Avenue, Kingstree, SC 29556 843.355.4170, who will serve as the College’s Section 504, Title II, and Title IV Coordinator.                                                                                                                                                                                           Copyright 2015 Williamsburg Technical College